Parents Corner

Preparing Your Child for Soccer Activity

  1. Bug spray – Please spray your child before arriving at the soccer field.
  2. Plenty of water! Your child will be very thirsty and one bottle won’t be enough. You may also purchase an item from the concession stand
  3. Shinguards are a must – your child will not be able to practice or play in a game without them
  4. Soccer Ball – Size 3 for age groups U6/U8, Size 4 for age groups U10/U12, Size 5 ball for age groups U13/U14 & up
  5. Your camera – your child will love to see pictures of themselves playing soccer!

Please be aware that in accordance with the FYSA By-Laws and Rules 402.3 JEWELRY: It is the policy of FYSA that no player be allowed to wear ANY jewelry while participating in any FYSA sanctioned match. The only exception that may be allowed is a medical alert bracelet or necklace when taped to the body. The referee shall make the decision as to the safety of the player and the referee’s decision is final. (The taping of any earring shall not be permitted under any circumstances.) If the referee notices a player wearing jewelry while the match is under way at the next stoppage of play, the referee will instruct the player to remove the item. If the referee deems the jewelry to be dangerous to any player, he must stop the match to correct the situation.


We Coaches & Parents are committed to work together to develop a love for the game of soccer in our children by encouraging play that is skillfull and fair and that takes place in an enjoyable sporting environment….

Link to Florida Youth Soccer Association FYSA parent information


  • Trap
  • Stop
  • Side Save
  • Play
  • Making a Move
  • Jumping Header
  • Juke
  • High Jump
  • Header 2
  • Handling 3
  • Handling 2
  • Goalie Kick
  • Goalie Kick 2
  • Goalie Catch
  • Chase
  • Ball Handling
  • Approach
  • Another Header
  • A Header
  • 1 on 3