About SCPS


Welcome to our website!

San Carlos Park Scorpion Soccer Club has been serving the youth of our community since 1980. Since the inception of our club, we have grown together with South Lee County. Every year we average close to 700 boys and girls who register to play in our club!

We serve as one of the premier soccer clubs in Lee County, offering a staff of VOLUNTEER Board Members, Managers, Coaches and Team Parents dedicated to the athletic & social development of our children.

Because of the dedication which has made us successful, we offer one of the finest soccer clubs in Southwest Florida.

We are a 501(C)(3) Club.


  • Trap
  • Stop
  • Side Save
  • Play
  • Making a Move
  • Jumping Header
  • Juke
  • High Jump
  • Header 2
  • Handling 3
  • Handling 2
  • Goalie Kick
  • Goalie Kick 2
  • Goalie Catch
  • Chase
  • Ball Handling
  • Approach
  • Another Header
  • A Header
  • 1 on 3